Ever get blog anxiety?

So, a lot more people are reading my blog.

Good, right?

Perhaps - but I've got a bad case of blog anxiety.  I feel like I need to plan some posts, think more carefully about what I write about.  Definitely don't write anything boring or mundane.

Oops, that's stressing me out.  And, I'm afraid to write anything.

So, honesty rules the day today.

This blog is not fancy, not extraordinary, doesn't do great crafts and certainly won't be teaching you how to bleach your socks back to whiteness.

Me, creative?

But, I do hope to challenge myself a bit to write more creatively, more often and about whatever happens to be going on.  I'd like to document some of the things that are going on in my life.  Why anyone wants to hear about this besides my close friends and family, I may never know.

Glad you are here.  I hope you leave a comment sometime so I can be reminded that there are some real, interested reader people out there.  Not just the ones that searched for "barbie sleeping bags"or "how to dress up like an 80's pop star for halloween", stuff like that.

Okay, thanks, bye.


Carrie said...

Aren't those search results a hoot? Sometimes I get a good chuckle when I see what people searched for to find my blog. Still, glad you're writing more - it gives me another fun way to get to know you. :-)

Angie said...

Thanks Carrie!

Karen said...

Glad you are writing more - I am behind on reading - but will catch up on your other posts soon. Wanted you to know that I'm reading as a friend and not some person who searched for "80's pop star for halloween" - LOVE the photo ;) LOL