Lovely St. Louis

We recently had a rare family vacation to St. Louis. Matt was attending a conference and so the girls and I saw the sights of the city. We had a great time at St. Louis Zoo and the Arch and the Riverboat cruise.

Anna loved petting the stingrays. I tried it once and didn't want to do it again.

On the cruise...

We also went to City Museum, which is the coolest museum in the world. We only heard of it because of Matt's sister. Many years ago we took the girls there (so long they had no memory of it) and had a lot of fun. This time the girls were older and braver and the place was almost completely empty. It was amazing and definitely not a good place to get any pictures. I worried about crushing my camera while Matt and I played too!

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Karen said...

Michael spent the first 10 years of his life in St. Louis and we have visited a handful of times since getting married. The zoo, the science center, the riverboat, the arch - all SO fun. Glad you got to experience - and looks like you had great weather!