apple picking means apple pie!

So this year I faced my apples (we had 2 pecks) with eagerness and determination. I was not going to waste any apples on a bad pie filling recipe like last year. I contacted a friend who is super amazing - 9 kids, homeschools, jars anything and everything in large quantities, only spends $150/week feeding her large family and is a fount of wisdom and honesty. I asked her for her pie filling recipe - the one she makes 5,000 times the recipe and freezes it for pies all year long. Okay - maybe not 5,000 but she does make a LOT.

The process was fun since Daddy was in charge of the messy parts. I do not enjoy cooking with kids. There I said it. And I have met other Moms who feel the same way, so it's okay for me to feel that way. I do enjoy helping them pick out clothes, braiding their hair, working on puzzles, coloring, and doing other things with them. Just not things that involve sticky, messy or ovens.

Total: 4 pies. We ate one that night and froze the filling for the other three. Yum!

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Karen said...

LOVE your photos! Looks like a BLAST!!!!! HUGS to you