Halloween forethought

As a grownup I hardly even notice that Halloween is at the end of this month. I remember about mid-October that I have some cute fall decorations that I'd like to put up. I don't plan to buy tombstones and spiders and other creepy items.

Having kids means that they start planning for Halloween on Nov 1st of the previous year. As soon as possible they begin to plan for the next year. Some kids more than others.

Annabelle decided at some point that she wanted to be a vampire. We've never encouraged her to be anything scary. We have seen some seriously disturbing costumes in the last few years and I didn't want any of our kids to get into that. But, she promises not to be too scary (she doesn't want to scare herself) and we don't want to make a big deal out of it.

Claire and I were at the thrift store this weekend and she found some very awesome, authentic and just her size cowboy boots. She decided then and there to be a cowgirl for halloween. We quickly found a hat and I just ordered her a trick lasso to complete her outfit. It will be adorable and so uniquely Claire.

Katherine is following suit for her sisters at this age. Princess. Again. She was a cow at 2 (we had a cute costume) and then a princess last year. I think Claire was a princess or fairy every year until this year actually. So, we are in it for the long haul. Princess and Fairy costumes are in abundance here. Send all your girls who love dress up to our house!

Happy Halloween Everyone.

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Karen said...

;) fun! Judah was a vampire last year! Allen is almost 11 and aside from the candy - not sure he's very excited about dressing up! He may go simple this year. Judah on the other hand has about 18 dress up costumes to pick from. :) Your girls will be adorable. :)