warm and sunny but tired

A low energy day.

Katherine is suffering the most. She senses I have less to give, less energy to play and wants more, more and more...

Praying for God's grace for my physical limitations today.

Katherine is back in pullups - she must choose to use the potty, she certainly knows how. So today we start a sticker chart and there is a prize at the end. She wants the prize (Furry Frenzy) but I think is scared that she can't succeed. I know she can do it. There aren't that many stickers to do, but it seems huge to her. First she said she'd start on Saturday in a very grumpy voice. Then, she did use the potty once later and she was quite proud of herself. She needs a big success (read poop!) to encourage her to keep doing it. Her stomach is hurting too from holding it in for so long. I'm hoping to avoid a doctor trip and more unpleasantness.

It's Tuesday - which is good, both the girls have after school activities, I can do it.

Oh - our car got keyed. And we are just getting ready to sell it. Why does it happen that way?

Tomorrow will be better, that I know.

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