Things I learned today

1. If you have dry stuffing mix that has been sitting in the bag, opened, probably since last Thanksgiving - don't try to make it. It tastes like stale dog food.

2. If you put enough cheese on previously mentioned stuffing, kids will eat it.

3. First graders spell "sexy", "sexsee". Just another thing to mention in my meeting with the principal tomorrow.

4. First graders who call their classmates sexy and point to their genitals need to be removed from my daughter's school.

5. Since those previously mentioned first graders probably won't be removed, I would like to remove my child from this place.

6. Humor seems to fade when the Momma cougar unsheaths her claws at the quality of her children's education.

7. Not only does humor fade, but tears come at the thought of my kids being exposed to the world's garbage way too early. And for the kids who don't even understand the things they say, and don't learn how to love and behave because they have no model at home or anywhere.

8. I should not start lists funny and end them sad. Sorry! It's been that kindof day. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

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Josh Ellis said...

Wow. I just don't know what else to say. Just move down to TX and we'll all homeschool our kids together.