school troubles

We have had quite a few issues with the school this year. We realize that God is bigger than any of this, and He will protect and be with them wherever they are. We are particularly thankful for this right now as they both are facing challenges. The issues cover all different parts of their education and personal well being.

After much prayer, waiting and discussion, Matt and I decided to apply at an outstanding private Christian school for this year. The school costs about twice as much as schools in Colorado, but half as much as the other private schools in our area. We are being challenged to live by faith and not of ourselves. Only God could provide the resources for them to go there. We await "open doors" in order for this to happen. Our faith is strengthened by the doors that have already been opened.

The girls know that we are waiting on God and not trusting in ourselves or our resources. It is such a good example to them. And not only are we praying through this but they are too.

So, if all the doors open and they are able to attend in the spring, they can be confident that God is in control and has guided them to this new place. It will mean a lot of sacrifices and loss for both of them but they are strangely at peace - even Anna, who really struggles with these big changes. Only God can give her that peace. I am challenged to be more like Anna - trusting, believing and confident in God's plan.

I'm so thankful that Matt & I are united both as a couple and through God as we go through this process. We can see how God has led us to this, by bringing us financial unity and resolve for the first time in our marriage, by our spiritual growth in the last year and by our trust in Him for all our needs. What a change from just a few years ago. God is good!

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