Our "new little boy" and school starts

I joke that I'm borrowing a boy since we didn't have one. I'm noticing that boys don't seem to cry so much. At least this little guy is just happy. I think we've sorted out the feeding issues and he is doing great now. And today I think I got his naps worked out, I think.

Mostly I'm really enjoying it. It's hard to be back to 2 naps at home a day again and fitting in feedings, etc. But, it is just so much fun to have him here. It has given my day some structure and schedule which makes me much happier really. And Katherine is enjoying him as a playmate. She is so cute playing with him!

Now we are halfway through the first week of school. There are always emotional issues around here associated with schedule changes. Turns out I'm so mean, I'm not fair and sometimes I am the hated one. Mostly I can handle it - the worst days involve lots of prayer and counting to 200 or more. I think that perhaps Katherine is struggling the most. Having A. is kindof like having a new baby (except he's older) and then her sisters are gone. I've been playing with her a lot more but she's still struggling with attention and is whining and grunting a lot.

I have pictures from the first day of school - they are coming soon!

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