The end of summer

We had such a splendid August. Our finances and my new job did not allow us to travel at all. So mostly the girls spent it with the neighbors.

Did I mention what fabulous neighbors we have? The kids are nice, easy to play with and often end up at our house.

We set up an impromptu tea party one day. There was just enough warning to allow everyone time to dress up and for me to pull together some snacks. It was all enjoyed on our back porch.

Katherine wore that dress for 3 days straight.

Another day some kids came over and enjoyed Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes with my kids. It was just too hot to be outside anymore that day. After a little bit of that they all headed outside to play in the sprinkler.

Love it!

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Karen said...

Oh how fun - what great pictures! I know that was a BLAST!