thanksgiving wrap-up

So, I did not stress out.

I did not panic.

I had a great day! Thanksgiving went so well I think maybe I was actually dreaming and it actually hasn't happened yet. Except there is a Christmas tree up now so it must be over.

And, to update all those anxious readers (and I know from all the comments I get that there must be at least one of you), I just ironed 15 shirts!

So, the decorations have rotated - Thanksgiving/fall away and Christmas out. I am totally loving the prelit, 3 part tree I bought last year. 10 minutes and we had a tree with lights up! And our mini-tree will make a nice addition to the kitchen table. It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas....

Anna's birthday is quickly approaching - she'll be 8 this year. She said today, "I can't wait to be 8, I'll get to do so many more things than I could before." Like what?? Clean up your own dirty underwear off the bathroom floor?

I really like her personality, her outgoingness, her excitement for life and her sensitive heart.

Must get back to the iron!

The Table (Veggie-loving Matt serves the meat - and yes, he did eat a little of it):

The Kid's table:

Movie time!

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