November comes to a close

Ironing stinks. My goal was to iron all 20 shirts - 3 done. And I'm done. It is too hard to iron with little 2 year old fingers trying to touch the ironing board.

Anna has taken to wearing all the same color. Apparently a character in her favorite book series, A to Z Mysteries, likes to wear all the same color of everything. So, last Thursday was pink, then Friday was pink again (we have a lot of pink) and today was black. She actually looks very cute.

Katherine is done with naps, again. I had been enjoying her taking naps again for the last few weeks. But, now they are off. It's going to take me a while to get used to it.

Claire is reading, reading and then reading some more. She likes to read anything she sees and then just loves to read books to us - I hate it when I have to say no, you can't read me anymore books.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! We're going to have our Argentinian friends and family over - should be a fun day. I swear I am not going to stress out this year. Okay - so I'm totally going to stress out, but perhaps I'll calm down enough to enjoy the food. Ha!

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