Christmas shopping

We started our shopping this weekend. It sortof feels too early, but the calm stores, lack of crowds and time to think all made it worth it. We had a neighbor girl watch our girls and headed out for some time by ourselves. It was great! We got a lot of shopping done and had fun just being together. Does an hour and a half together count as a date?

Although we aren't able to spend much money this year, we are truly enjoying working to pick out one or two special things for those we love. It is a true pleasure to give and receive gifts when there are few enough to cherish them. A handful of presents is special and memorable, a storage tub full is just excessive. What a joy hard times can be - family is more special, friends are more important and everything seems valuable.

Well, the girls are enjoying a long awaited bubble bath and I'm off to clean bubbles off every surface within splattering range of the tub.

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