What to do when all the kids are sick.

The girls have had 102.5 fevers for a few days now. Katherine's started last night but hasn't been as high as the other girls. Everyone seems to be getting better this afternoon.

So, here's what we do when everyone is home sick:

1. Thank God that Mommy & Daddy aren't sick, yet.

2. Setup an invalid bed on the back porch and enjoy the sunshine.

3. Get out all the jewelry. Put on all the jewelry.

4. Help Mom make dinner. Warm Mom's tired heart.

5. Watch an ungodly amount of TV.

6. Take a bath just for fun.

Unfortunately Anna was supposed to be in a play today which she missed. And Matt & I had a babysitter scheduled for tonight that we had to cancel. We are super bummed about that. But, mostly we didn't have much planned.

Unlike most families I know we don't have a lot happening at the end of the school year. This is a blessing for me but frustrating for the girls as they try to have end of the year playdates and everyone is just too busy!

And I have been blessed to have the neighbor walk Anna to school when Claire was too sick to get up off the couch, a friend offer to bring me coffee and a husband who has filled in all the other gaps.


Cuppa Jo said...

We are having your car cleaned out today and will give it an oil change.

Sorry kids are sick - we too don't have a ton going on at the end of the year and everyone else is just completely, frazzled, busy. I don't really get it.

My offer to bring you a special Starbuck's treat still holds. I'm assuming you will be around tonight for the car drop off???

Karen said...

I hope your girls are feeling better. LOVE the pictures of what all they did while sick. Your friend bringing you coffee, your neighbor helping walk Anna to school and your hubby and all his help -- are just those perfect "at the right time" things that help keep us from going insane at that very moment. You are blessed to have such friends! :)