Special Daddy time

So, Anna has been working hard to earn gotchas. These little pieces of paper represent times she has kept from hitting her sisters, been kind to them or just done something outstanding. Every time she earns 30 she gets to choose a special treat. Claire is doing the same, only needing to earn 20.

Now that she had earned her 30, Anna chose to have special time with Daddy.

To explain, nearly every day Anna asks Matt to take her to the bread store to get scones for the family. Matt just doesn't have time on a work day and so she is disappointed over and over. Matt really would love to take her but he has to catch a train every morning.

So, wonderful as he is, last night he put a note by her bed which said, "Anna, would you like to go to Panera with me for breakfast?"

We were surprised when Claire and Katherine were the first ones up today and Anna was still sleeping! And Anna did not see the note at all. So, we just figured they would do it tomorrow.

Anna had been feeling sick and sad this morning and actually went back to bed after eating and watching a few cartoons. She was fighting with her sisters in her room when it suddenly got quiet.

Anna came out looking surprised and excited. She was clutching a piece of paper and smiling. She said, "Mommy, Daddy wrote me a special note. I don't want to say it out loud because it's going to hurt Claire's feelings." She wrote "Yes" on the bottom of the note and slid it under the bathroom door for Matt to see.

Then she went to get ready and exclaimed, "I don't even feel sick anymore. This is the best thing. I always want to do this." It was very cute.

Of course this means I am at home to take care of Claire (who feels left out, but knows she can earn this kindof treat too) and watch cartoons.

I am really proud of Anna and how great she has been doing at getting along with everyone. She really has earned it!


Cuppa Jo said...

So sweet!

Karen said...

That is so precious - thank you for sharing! I love that Anna didn't want to hurt Claire's feelings - how considerate of Anna! It's great to hear how well Anna's doing! :)