Beauty is deceiving

I chose the picture for the header of our blog because of the cool contrast of greenery and the house and the fence. I just liked the feel of it and since I visit my own blog constantly all day, I wanted it to feel good.

Well, this has been changing. Why, you ask?

From Butcher Bunkhouse

The greenery has a story.

That greenery is a vicious tree/weed. I sustained some battle wounds last week as I tried to pull it out. It is similar to bind weed (if you are familiar) except it grows as big as a small tree and has roots to match. It is taking over the neighbors yard and will take over all the nearby soil if allowed. It dies back completely in the winter and so we are attempting to pull it out this spring.

To complete the story, the next door neighbor even had a backhoe out here last year to try to get it all out. They installed a liner, etc.... It is back in full force, not deterred in the slightest.

So, I am beginning to classify this greenery with squirrels. A scourge, an abomination, undefeatable and gruesome. I don't think I'm exaggerating...

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