Break the silence already! How was Christmas?

What is it about writing that scares me silly?  I just can't start to write something without stressing out.  Will it be funny?  Will I be witty?  Will anyone even read it and do I care?

So - since Facebook is just a tad bit limiting, I feel I should do a Christmas summary here.

For those of you who stay at home for Christmas, you have no idea what our holidays are like.  For those of you who visit at least 4 different homes to celebrate Christmas, you are close to understanding.

We do this mainly because we just love our family. We feel both blessed and cursed that they all live so close together.  While it means that we can see everyone, it means that we need to see everyone!  We try to spend as much time as possible while still having a bit of time just to ourselves.  This year we spent 4 days driving (2 each way) and then 9 days in Colorado.  This time was split somewhat between Denver and Colorado Springs.  

It was a lovely visit.  The snow was beautiful and the family was so gracious.  We also enjoyed getting to see all the toddlers and babies that have shown up in the family over the last 2 years.  Now that our kids are past those years we feel we can really enjoy seeing our siblings with their little ones.  I can only imagine how the Grandparents handled having kids ages 2 to 11 to entertain and plan for!  And the noise...  I think we'll be bringing earplugs for all next year.

The kids traveled amazingly well on the road and we are prepping for a big, super fun, fight off the SAD, trip coming up in February!  Stay tuned...

Now - the pictures!

Making cookies at home.

Christmas at home!

Each night in Denver a different girl was in charge of setting the table.  This was a highlight of the trip for them and they loved it!

Crazy tacos in Denver.  (with Claire's table setting.)

Anna's table setting.

Making the noodles...

Chatting with Dad.

Let's make cake pops!

Christmas morning.

Stocking time!

Katherine's table setting.

Awesome.  Christmas in the Springs.

Grandma makes beautiful things.

Katherine's favorite face!  And her favorite present.

Our family rocks.  And cousins are a gift from God.


Wildflower said...

Looks like a fun trip! Glad you had such a wonderful time. What a great family picture!

Valerie said...

Sweet blog! Great pics :) We loved spending time with all of you, and Gavin had so much fun with his cousins.