Feeling a bit lonely. Matt's been spending 16 hours a day in downtown Chicago at a conference. My babysitting job has become full time. I also have a new job: applying for a FHA 203K loan.

I find myself checking my email a lot, unable to sit still, pacing and generally restless. I'm drinking a lot of tea. I'm cruising my new favorite blog. I'm cleaning and doing laundry at night and making lunches for the girls at 10:30, not wanting to go to bed by myself.

Today I found joy in a moment of sunshine, happy kids after school and a feeling of Spring in the air. I'm encouraged that this is the last day of my alone-ness. All will be well.

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Karen said...

Wow - sounds like you are busy with kids - but missing Matt. Also sounds like he should be home now and I'm sure you all are enjoying the weekend together.