love for my van

I've been hating my mini-van lately. Just dreading getting into it, buying gas for it and driving it now every day to get the girls from school. I caught myself dreaming of a sedan or even a subaru - anything but this annoying van.

Then the van broke. I drove on it for weeks, enduring jerking starts and unpredictable lurching. I figured it was the cold and it would just go away. But, it could wait no more - I almost hit someone because of the lurching from 1st to 2nd gear. So, we took it to the shop. They couldn't figure it out and were prepared to charge us $200 just for looking. Seriously?

Then, after a lot of prayer on our part, the technician found a service bulletin addressing the very problem our van was having. And it was going to covered under our powertrain warranty. That means free!

And they gave us a rental car. Which would have been nice but it was a Chevy Impala and I often have 4 kids to move around nowadays. Ugh. And - Impala's suck. Big time. I won't go into details. We had it for 4 days. Four long days.

As soon as I got the call from the shop saying my van was done, I got all the kids in the car and went straight to get it. I never missed a van so much. I won't complain anymore. Everyone has a seat, I have somewhere to put my purse again and it actually moves when you press on the gas pedal (no more lurching).

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