To pee and not to poop

I imagine that all my readers (yes - you 3 know who you are) are checking here daily to hear more about potty training. TV can wait, crying kids can wait, how is that girl managing with the potty anyways?!

So, it is interesting. Katherine is not one to do things my way. She decided that going pee in the potty was a good idea. (She has been slightly motivated with Swedish Fish) So, she goes. She has not had any accidents since she decided that. Now pooping is something different. She thinks that if she holds it long enough it'll just go away. And if she has a little she can just wipe it off and no one will notice.

Not notice?! On your dress? On the floor? On yourself??

I'll just say that I have managed to hold it together. Matt has managed to hold it together (he is way more squeamish than me). And Katherine has managed to let it out once a week.

We are just a few weeks away from Miralax. I am a bit nervous about what that'll do though.

There, you've been updated. Hooray.

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