a stay at home job

I have prayed all year for a way to help get us out of debt.

I have also pleaded with God that it please not involve me leaving my kids with someone else.

I may complain at times about my girls - but my heart is here, my purpose is here. I am fulfilled being a mom.

God answered.

We'll be welcoming a baby into our home. Not ours, but someone elses. A little boy, 7 months, cute and extremely active (think crawling at 5 months, pulling up and standing by 6).

I am scared but excited. Here is a perfect answer to my prayer. The way I connected with this family could only be a God-thing. I am full of doubts, but God says I'll do great, that he has planned this out for me.

Now I pray for strength and patience.

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Karen said...

Exciting news!!!! Glad to hear that God has answered your prayers - and to see you blogging :)