Comparing yourself

Anyone else do this?  I thought comparing myself to others was bad but since I've had kids it has taken on a whole new flavor.

It's SUPER easy to compare your kids and your family to someone else.  Both positively and negatively.

I talk to other moms and I swear their kids do not fight like mine do.  They do not nod their head in agreement as I describe the level of cruelty I hear on a daily basis.

My strongest desire as a Mom is to see my kids get along.  And yet, I feel I have the worst kids in that regard.  I'm working hard to stop focusing so hard on it and start focusing on being kind to them myself.

Dang - finger points back at self...  I definitely struggle with kindness, patience and showing love in all situations.  And I am horrified when I see those same struggles in my kids.

So - here enters grace.  God's grace covers me for all those shortcomings and it also COMPLETELY covers my kids. And I must model grace to them.  So, I will step back, take a deep breath and calmly tell them to cut it out, love each other and then I will force them to hug.  Because I think that just might work.

Plus, pictures like this are good reminders that my girls really do love each other.


Karen said...

Oh boy can I relate to all of this. And you are so right... it is ALL about grace and we ALL need it pretty much every moment of our lives! Being a kid is hard. Being a sibling is hard. Being a parent is hard. Thank goodness for grace. :)

Chandra Regan said...

Well, with only one child, I can't compare in the same regards, but I'm sure there must not be one woman who hasn't compared something about herself with someone else. It's our human weakness. So, thank God for His gift of grace and it's new every morning!