Getting Fit - Thank you Beachbody

This October I decided that I was done with feeling tired, moody and just plain wasted most every day. So I came up with a plan.
Looking pretty good post-2010 CLX.

The last time I really committed to change myself in this way was back in 2010 and my primary reason was to try and combat my SAD symptoms.  I started a Beachbody workout program (Chalene Xtreme) with Matt.  It did wonders and I was able to see my body change in huge ways but life got crazy and I lost my motivation.

When we decided to move back to Colorado, all chances of getting back on track with exercise ended for me.  I was emotionally struggling and using all my energy to deal with the changing and stressful situations I was surrounded by.

Fast forward 6 months.  Here we are, settled in Colorado.  The kids are happy.  Matt is SO happy in his job.  I am volunteering at the school and teaching English part time.  I'm starting to think of my future and how to connect with other people.  I truly want to give to others as much as I can.  But, I have still been struggling with energy and moodiness.  I gained about 10+ pounds in the move and I just feel tired all the time.

That was, I did.  Until 3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago I started something new.

And now I feel SO much better.  I have energy.  I have more joy.  I don't feel like taking a nap every afternoon. I lost 5 pounds.

And even more huge for me is that my cravings are gone.

I have waited these 3 weeks to say anything to be sure but I can honestly say that I feel different.

Thank you to Beachbody, Shakeology and the T25 workout program.  Structure, accountability, diet help and a plan are key for me to make any life changes.

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Kelly Milne said...

My dad did P90X a couple years ago. He was in the best shape of his life in his early 60s. Go for it Ang!