Thankful Five #3

Note: thanks to Carrie for this great idea!  And welcome Becky to this great exercise.

I am thankful today for:

  1. The official end of my daycare job.  I had fun but I'm ready to move on. 
  2. I'll miss this guy
  3. Running.  It's been a welcome change to have an interest of my own and a goal to strive for.  
  4. Girls who know what they want.  We had long hair around here for years, now they are choosing to keep it shorter. 
  5. 5 yrs old and ready for school!
  6. Our own home.  After renting for so many years, I really enjoy knowing that this is our space, it's not borrowed.
  7. A wonderful husband.  15 years in and I can't believe how he's grown. He's quick to help, does not complain and loves unconditionally.
I think I could probably even add some more items.  What a surprise for me!  I generally struggle to pick just a few things to be thankful for.  I think this is good for my soul.

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Anonymous said...


I love these thankful posts. I see the marathon is mentioned here - I should have snooped around first.

Awesome to have some short hair girls - we spent over an hour and so much badgering on just this issue and combing out a double birds nest - what a cutie pie you have above - smiling so bright. What a gift.

Yeah - I love your home, you are doing so much with it. I am glad you are figuring out how to work from home (both of you) and also use it for much. I am proud of what you hosted this past summer.

15 years - what a blessing.

- Elizabeth