Welcome Guests

At last we were able to host some of our beloved family! We now have a guest room so we can really have some visitors! And they don't have to sleep on our couch or floor.

This time Matt's Mom & Stepdad came plus we were so thankful that his not-yet 90 Grandmother joined them! It'll tell you something about her to know that they drove out here and shopped there way here and back. She has amazing energy, several times she was still standing while I was totally wiped out.

We enjoyed Ravinia, Central St. shopping, sightseeing, barbecuing and the Botanic Gardens. It was a short visit but we sure fit a lot in!

Claire enjoyed that Grandpa likes to stay home too!

They stopped and shopped for a few days on their way. Loved the huge chair!

Botanic Gardens


It was really really cold that night. The middle of July and in the low 70's with a pretty strong breeze. We were all a bit chilly.

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Karen said...

what fun and precious memories!!!