private school is ON

God is good! And faithful!

We heard today that our girls are accepted to the private school and we are receiving some financial aid. And thanks to our work with the Dave Ramsey program for the last year, we will be able to finance the difference. We are sacrificing paying off our debt sooner and saving for a house, but it is totally worth it.

Every single day we hear another reason we need to pull the girls out of school. Every single day. Today Anna told me that another boy said the F word to her repeatedly at recess and that kids are flipping each other off in class all the time. I said, "You know what the F word is?!" She explained that someone had told her so she would know when the other kids were using it. Okay - she's 9! Not 15. It breaks my heart that she has to be exposed to this garbage at this point in life. And the recess monitors do NOTHING. They might threaten some kind of punishment but they don't do anything and they do not report to the teachers or principals either. They are unknown persons - I don't know who they are or where they come from.

All this works together for good - Anna doesn't want to go back. She has totally detached herself from this negative environment. Claire is starting to understand what good behavior looks like. But, she is in a relatively safe place so it will be harder for her to leave.

We so appreciate all the prayers and support. God has provided and will continue to work through all the little details.

Merry Christmas!

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Karen said...

I am so thankful that God has provided for private school. I'm thinking they are there already and not waiting until the fall??